Takayuki Hirano

Retd. Major General TAKAYUKI HIRANO
– Graduated from D.S.S.C. Wellington Tamil Nadu
– Former Defence Attache to India.

Mr. Hirano is a Retd. Major General (Former Defense Attache to India) and a Japanese Administrative Lawyer. Through his career and accomplishment as an official, he structured strong networking connections with both Indian and Japanese governments.

Having a  strong expertise in Defense sector which is the new sector wherein the Indian government is now inviting FDI with open arms, Mr. Hirano, as a business consultant, has been offering Japanese clients his know-how and advice on how to get in the Defense industry in India. In addition to Defense sector, the professional assistance utilizing his own networking connections is offered to many clients in a variety of industries.

[Current positions]

・ International Administrative Lawyer

・ Advisor for SME’s overseas deployment, The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry

・ Lecturer at Aoyamagakuin University

・ Lecturer at Tokai University

・ Advisor, Japan International Adm. Lawyer’s Association

・ President, Japan-India/ASEAN Economic Proliferation Association

・ Director, Japan Association for Strategy Management

・ Director, Attester Committee of Japan

・ Chief Advisor, Team INA

・ Member of Japan Association for Business Administration

・ Awarded Member of Business Management Society of Japan