Aerospace & Defence

PIDS – Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

Border Protection and Perimeter Security is a critical security issue for all governments and industries today. Whether protecting critical infrastructure or commercial assets from theft, attack or sabotage, a robust perimeter security solution is a necessary first layer of defence. For establishments looking to reduce their vulnerabilities, prevent loss of assets and comply with government regulations, knowledge of the latest products, applications and emerging technologies is crucial.

MRO & Spares

Maintenance Repair and Operations(MRO) spare parts can represent up to 20% of the total enterprise requirements and responsible for more than half of all indirect purchasing transactions. Since the apprx. total annual cost of maintaining an inventory storeroom is about 20-30% of the total inventory, reducing the inventory value can dramatically reduce the cost of doing business.

Technology solutions for industrial needs

All organization and enterprises have different needs of technologies and processes to fulfill their needs or meet their aspirations and needs.. Stratriskconsult understand all the aspects of the required technology of the clients and provide the best technical solutions to fulfill the complext solutions.

We support  various technology, communications systems, information services that may be required by the organizations/enterprises seeking support.

Image processing solutions

As a technology driven organization, we provide the solutions that automate the image processing steps, customization and remote sensing soltions as well. We are provide and follows the most advanced way to handle the image processing from begining to last steps to give the best solutions.

Drone : A master piese innovation in field of Aviation

Although originally built for military purposes to do surveillance, drones have seen rapid growth and advancements and as emerged as one of the Major innovation in the field of Aviation.