Pradeep is a Tech & Enviropreneur, with experience spanning 30 plus years in disruptive technologies, greenfield ventures, contracting, project management and structuring of deals across global markets, Pradeep has over the years acquired unparalleled analytical skills and is quick at turning around solutions to most complex problems. Pradeep has expertise, experience and global relationships across the verticals of oil and energy including renewable and alternate energy, rail and road transportation, infrastructure development, clean and green technologies, etc; Pradeep has worked closely with clients across Businesses, Military, Governments in the regions spread across Iraq, Kurdistan, Iran, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Turkey, Oman, Myanmar, Kenya, Somaliland, Mozambique, Nigeria and Russia. Pradeep has expertise and relationships in liaison with Government, Foreign Policy experts, TIER-2 Diplomacy, market intelligence and mitigating risk across challenging markets.